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Tiny camper

Cowtown Rodeo Big Cowboy and Steer

Slowdown on US 40 in Woodstown area

Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Bogey, and others at Liquor store along the...

Traci, Don, Sue and Don's mom on the boat

Cole, Cole's girl friend, Troy, Don's mom and Dad, and Sue on...

Swan family at the marina

Memphis Belle flying over the Delaware River

Scenes along the Delaware River

The Tacony-Palmyra Bridge

The Tacony-Palmyra Bridge from the underside

Commercial traffic on the river

Jet skis heading toward the Ben Franklin Bridge with Philly skyline in...

Old RCA headquarters and factory on Camden waterfront

USS New Jersey

Different views of the Philadelphia skyline

Philadelphia waterfront activity

Historical ships seen along the Philadelphia waterfront

Gulls on the river

SS United States

Gang tag on grain elevator

Buoys on the shore

Life flight takes to the air

A DUCK drops into the river

Flock of gulls a sunset

Headed up river in our direction

After getting Winnie settled, we headed to Riverside to visit Traci, Sue's niece, and Don on their boat in the Rancocas Creek. We haven't seen them and the boys, Cole and Troy since early this year. Don's Mom and Dad were up from Florida in their 5th wheel and are spending some time in NJ to visit friends and family.

Lounging on the back of their boat while waiting for the food to be ready, we saw a B-17 fly overhead. I took a few pictures and when I enlarged them it turns out it was the movie version of the Memphis Belle. We saw this same plane in Georgia this winter on the 2014 First Trip - Fleeing the Freeze. Apparently it's in Philadelphia for tours and flights at $450 per person. It's at Northeast Philadelphia Airport August 22-24.

After a nice meal on their boat, we cruised the Delaware River from Delanco to South Philly. It was threatening rain all afternoon, but by the time we headed onto the river the sun was poking through the clouds and stye sky began to clear making for a nice evening cruise. We got to see Philadelphia and some of the river sites from a little different perspective. There was lots going on along the Philadelphia water from scene with a jazz concert at the waterfront amphitheater to people just relaxing by the river.

We passed by the mighty USS New Jersey that is moored along the Camden waterfront. BB62 was built at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard just downriver from her current location, and launched December 7, 1942- just a year after the Pearl Harbor Attack brought America into WWII. She served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and to support the US mission in Lebanon in the '80's. She was finally decommissioned in 1999 and donated to the Home Port Alliance of Camden. She arrived in Camden on Veterans Day 1999 and was opened to the public for tours in 2001.

The other "big" ship along the waterfront is the SS United States. the United States has an interesting history. It was built by Newport News Shipbuilding where my brother works, in 1950. Since the Federal Government has subsidized the construction with the stipulation that it could be used as a troop ship in time of war, the ship was seized by the government for several months while a decision was made to convert it to a troop ship or not to carry troops to Korea. After it was returned to the United States Lines, construction was completed in 1952 and she entered cruise service in late 1952. Her maiden voyage was to England and she broke the record held by the Queen Mary for a TransAtlantic voyage. She completed the voyage in 3 days, 10 hours, and 30 minutes. Notable events that took place on board were filming of Gentlemen Marry Brunettes and Munster, Go Home as well as the return of the Mona Lisa to France after exhibits in Washington, DC and New York. She was decommissioned in 1969 after 400 voyages covering over 2.7 million miles. Since that time there have been numerous attempts to resurrect it as a cruise ship or a shoreside attraction for Philadelphia, Miami, or New York without much success so it sits at Pier 89 in Philly costing about $80,000 per year in docking fees. The SS United States Conservancy launched a new online campaign called "Save the United States", a blend of social networking and micro-fundraising, that allows donors to sponsor square inches of a virtual ship for redevelopment for $1/sq. in., but it seems that it's slow going. The web site is https://www.savetheunitedstates.org and it has a pretty neat virtual reality model of the ship that allows you to pick out the specific square inches you want to sponsor.

The ride back to Delanco was pleasant watching the sunset behind the Philadelphia skyline, though with a bit too many clouds to provide great photos.

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