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Wheely nice photo of Julie

Snake fence

We crossed another state boundary today - from North Carolina into Virginia - Luckily for Julie, NOT West Virginia (mountain mamma, take me home, country roads etc etc - do join in if you know the chorus), but just plain old Virginia. That makes 10 states on our tick sheet, which many people have told us is more than most Americans manage, so we're feeling quite smug.

Here's a wheely good photo of Julie. For most of the drive we stayed on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and broke our journey at an old restored mill. We also took a couple of diversions into real hillbilly country.

Again, didn't see any bears, but we did see more deer - a doe shepherding her two fawns slowly across the road (well, track really). The fawns were straight out of a disney film - hundreds of white spots across their backs. I stopped the car and they stopped to look at us - the mum just barked at them to hurry up. Aaahhh.

I took this photo of, what they call here, a snake fence. I couldn't understand the name - firstly, why would you want to fence snakes in? Secondly, surely they could slither through the gaps? They've alot to learn, these Americans.

Talking of snakes, we're heading north again tomorrow and we should slide past the 5,000 mile mark on the clock (as long as the adder's working). Must make sure the windscreen-vipers are ready.

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