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An example of the many braided rivers of this area

What a beauty this caribou is!

Those are antlers to be proud of

Caribou happily grazing undisturbed by our presence


Mama fought him ferociously to protect her cubs

She's got him on the run

Dall sheep on a sheer cliff

Mama and her little ones


So pretty

Love the road

Our single lane, dirt road is slow driving

A couple more cow moose

Such beauty

A big guy

Caribou often move in herds

The sunlight peeking through the clouds on the hillsides

My very own caribou

A male Dall sheep resting up

Photos do not do it justice

Lower Alaska Range

Clouds beginning to settle on the mountain top

Gobbling blueberries

Lovely rainbow

Great setting for a caribou

Kantishna, AK It was an overcast day with erratic showers and intriguing cloud formations. We transferred ourselves from Talkeetna back to Denali National Park. This time our destination was the Kantishna Roadhouse. On the journey through the park, much to Jim’s delight, we again viewed oodles of wildlife. The final count was 6 bears, 3 moose, 23 Dall sheep, 44 caribou, and 2 golden eagles, one of which was actually below us as we drove on a cliff face. We witnessed one of the moose kick another but the most action was from the bears. A mother is very protective of her young. The sow will not breed while she has cubs. Males will kill the cubs when possible because the female will then go into heat. We saw a mama and her 2 little ones. So did a boar. He went after them but Mama objected to his intentions. She sent the cubs running for their lives up the mountain as she took on the male. We saw her run at him and tussle with him. They broke apart and she continued to hassle him. Eventually he seemed to decide that, since the cubs were by now out of his reach, he might as well concede defeat. We were all so fascinated that we did not get very many pictures but it was still pretty thrilling to have witnessed.

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