2014 TRIP TO NORTHEAST travel blog

Coming into New Glasgow Nova Scotia

Pictou, Birthplace of New Scotland

The Hector

Judy and her little Scotsman

Don with all his friends

Little town of Pictou

For all my Canadian Friends

Knife Factory

A good Scotsman

Church in Cape Breton

Coastline of Cape Breton

Overlooking Cape Breton

At the distillery

The gardens of the distillery

Cape Breton

Highland Community

Overlooking the bay from the Highland Community

Knotty Tree

Judy thinking about cooking

Organ in the highland's house

School house

Judy headed to the store

Judy Shopping

Typical Bedroom

Ferry to PEI

Ferry to PEI

Charlottetown Festival

Peake's Quay

Great Scottish Music

He's not as smart as he looks

What a life

The marshmallow is bigger than me

Confederation bridge from PEI to NB

NB Country side

Church in Edmundston

July 22, 2014, We drove to from Halifax to Custom Spring and Welding in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. This is where we were told that we could get the equalizer fixed on the RV. We met the owner Rick, who was extremely nice and helpful. He couldn’t fix the equalizer but was able to change a lug nut that had been needing changed since Fl. & he put air in all the tires and wouldn’t take a dime. Real nice guy. We drove back about 10 miles and parked at a real nice campground, Harbor Lights in Pictou. The campground sits right on the bay. After getting set up we went for a drive down into Pictou and on to New Glasgow. Neither one on the towns seem to have much. We stopped by the visitors information center to make our plans for the stay. Looks like Cape Breton is a real nice place but we need to be closer to it since it is about 100 miles from where we are parked. Went back to the camp and cooked brats on the grill and settled in for the night.

July 23, 2014, We went down into the little town of Pictou and visited The Hector Heritage Quay. It is a museum telling about the Scottish Immigrants came here to Pictou on the ship Hector in 1773 to get away from all the taxes and oppressions they were subject in the Scottish Highlands. Two hundred people were on a ship 126’ by 22’ for almost 12 weeks. The Hector is known as the Scottish Mayflower and Pictou is known as the birthplace of New Scottland. We got to board the replicate ship launched in 2000. It was a very interesting tour and we saw the tartans for all the Scottish families that immigrated to this area. We then went to the Grohmann Knives Factory and Outlet. We knew that when we saw a set of 6 steak knives for $214 Canadian Dollars, that we were in the wrong place. We then went over to the place we are going to catch the ferry for PEI in a couple days. We found out that the Island only charges for leaving the Island, so you only pay one way. It will cost $60. for the bridge from PEI to New Brunswick. Then we went to The Settlers Saltwater Café, in Pictou. We sat on the screened porch overlooking the bay. We had beer and fish and chips, a real lightly breaded haddock that was delicious and the service was great. When we got back to the campground our new neighbor was an over the road driver and gave us some inside information on driving in Quebec.

July 24, 2014, We got on the road about 10:15 headed for Cape Breton. We got to our park and because we wanted to stay 2 nights they didn’t have a spot on the water or with sewer. They did give us another nice site but was a little tight for the RV. The park is HyClass Campground in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia. After getting set up and having lunch we took a ride on the Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) Trail. This is the Cape Breton word for having a rollicking good time. We drove to the Glenora Inn and Distillery, hoping to see a actual Ceilidh to learn to speak some Gaelic phrases and hear some Gaelic singing and music but we were too late in the day. So we just had a beer at the distillery and enjoyed the view of the garden. We then headed back and looked at all the beautiful scenery and that alone was worth the trip. Once we got back we started a fire in the firepit and sat around the fire and ate dinner and enjoyed the solitude and peace. We went to bed early because we only got one channel on TV.

July 25, 2014, We drove back to Cape Breton but we took a different road. This road led us to Iona to the Highland Village Museum. From the moment we got there it was spectacular. It is overlooking the magnificent Barramans Strait on the Breas d’Or Lakes, and it was breathtaking. Then the museum itself was great. They had costumed animators who told us of the Gaelic life from before they left Scotland until the 1920’s. All the different lifestyles and they even spoke in the Gaelic language. This was a great day that was educational and entertaining. On the way back to Havre Boucher we tried to take a different road back and guess what? We got lost. We finally found a vehicle ferry that that crossed over the water to the road we needed to be on. I think it was only $3.00 and only had to go about 100 yards. Was a great drive and some new experiences but was glad we weren’t towing the RV. Back at the campground I fired up the grill to cook pork chops. A real nice guy from Quebec who was parked across the way came over and discussed flying private planes and he flies a personal untra-lite plane that he built from a kit. Very interesting guy.

July 26, 2014, We left the campground about 9:00 am to go catch the ferry from Pictou Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island (PEI). We got to the ferry landing about 10:15 am and sure glad we did as this put us upfront getting on the ferry. This made us first on and first off. It was only about a 75 minute ride and the water was real smooth. When we left the ferry the nagavator (Judy) only made one wrong turn so we made real good time getting to Charlottetown, PEI. We tried to stop at a Passport America campground named Harrington. The place was about a mile up a dirt and grass road and the park was totally empty and the guy sounded a LITTLE shady. We then went up to the park we first wanted to go to, Pine Hills RV Park. It was real nice with large lots and had full hook ups. We had a little trouble with the leveling system and I had to work on it for a couple hours and finally got it fixed. After this adventure we stayed in for the night and relaxed.

July 27, 2014 We drove into Charlottetown and found out they were having their 150th anniversary of their independence from Great Britain. The whole was showing lots of history of the confederation meeting and lots of entertainment for the kids. We walked around downtown and they were having a farmers market, mainly handcrafts and such. We did see a lot of old buildings dating back to the early 1800’s. We ran into a guy on the street that used to teach history of PEI and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to tell us a lot of the history of the island. On the way back to the truck we stopped at a little place called, Peake’s Quay. We both had a Moose Lite draft and coconut shrimp appetizer. After getting back to the campground I cooked hamburgers on the grill. Later we started the fire pit and roasted some giant marshmallows. It’s fun being a kid.

July 28, 2014, We left PEI around 9:00am headed for New Brunswick. We crossed over the Confederation Bridge going for PEI to New Brunswick. As we came in to New Brunswick we stopped at a welcome center where we met some real nice ladies and gave us lots of information about the province. We drove to Beresford, NB, and found a real nice campground called Malybel Park. We had full hookups for only $38.00. It was quite a ways off the main highway but ended up being a real nice park. Everyone around us only speaks French and no TV or WiFi but we are only staying one night. A pretty had rain storm came through and sure enough the window over our bed is still leaking a little.

July 29,2014 We got up an hour early, thinking the time had changed but it hadn’t. So we started out an hour later than we thought, HEE HEE. We drove to Campbellton and went to a visitors information center. We thought that since it is close to Quebec, they would have information and maps of Quebec. No such luck. For some reason the people in Quebec will not share information with the rest of the provinces. So we headed through the Appalachian Region of NB. Who would think that the beautiful Appalachians of East Tennessee would run all the way to NB, Canada. Hard to believe but true. They are beautiful and the forest is real dense and plush. We hit some patches of pretty rough road but still made it into Edmundston by about 2:30 pm. We went to another visitor information center and the girl was real helpful in showing us where a real nice provincial park was. The park is called De la Republic of St. Jacques, just of outside Edmundston NB and about 4 miles from Quebec Province. The park is very nice but a typical provincial park-only 15 amps, no water, sewer, TV or WiFI. Only a place to sleep. It is starting to get cool this far north. The temperature is already in the low 60’s. No telling what it will be by morning. We drove to the visitor center in Degalis Quebec. A very helpful young man gave us lots of information on the camping all over Quebec and lots of info on how to see Old Quebec City. We must say that we have had the most efficient, helpful, and friendly people at every visitor center that we have stopped in- Nova Scotia, several, PEI, NB, several and now Quebec. They have all made our trip better and easier. We drove around some and stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner. Excellent pizza, beer and service. Great place. Got back to campground and planned trip into Quebec tomorrow.

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