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I told Tess that I'd do the drive to Nantes, as she looked very tired and had done a bulk of the driving the previous day. It was a 3 hour 15 minute trip. We'd left Bordeaux a little later than we'd hoped, as Lunch took a while to get served, but we had managed to get out by 3 pm. By 4pm, we were 45km out of Bordeaux. By 5pm, we were 90km out of Bordeaux, with only 260km to go.

We've arrived in Nantes tonight at 8pm. My mind is obliterated. I've been sunburnt on one side of my face, as the sun was beating down through the drivers side window for the entire trip, and my sunscreen had worn off.

I'm not sure what happened to cause such delays. There was a lot of traffic, but we didn't see an accident the entire time.

We did see a bunch of selfish assholes driving 40km below the speed limit in the left hand lane, because the refused to drive to drive in the right with the slower traffic. This almost caused an accident at one point, as we were driving in the right hand lane to overtake someone. We continued for another 500m, when all of a sudden, all the traffic in front of us came to a halt with no notice. I pulled the car up hard, and towards the median strip (which is very wide, and well away from the oncoming traffic). No one connected, and a few minutes later we were moving at 130km an hour again. All in all, my general fatigue (which I was trying to mitigate by arriving in Nantes early to get some rest!) and the 5 hours of driving have beaten me.

I told Tess I'm too tired to go out, but to order room service if she wants. I'm off to bed.

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