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Bumblebee on flowers in the main street

This dog reminded us of our dog Lola, at home

The grotto entrance- where the townsfolk would hide in medieval times when...

Quaint house in the main square with its maypole.

The main church in town

Looking out on the Dordogne, towards Castlenaud (in the distance)

Looking the opposite direction from the river bend

La Roque Gageac from a distance

Another castle in the distance

Me standing at the lookout with the Dordogne valley behind me

The old stone bridge leading towards Domme

Another local insect

Old city walls and town gate

Leaving Domme with town gates behind

Domme is a bastide city, which means it is a fortified city. It is completely walled, and sits atop a hill about 15 minutes away from La Roque Gageac. To reach it there's a steep incline for the car to go up, and then you go through the old town gates, which are just wide enough for one car to go through at a time.

I drove us in through the gates, and was then worried about where we could park the car, as it seemed like everything was packed solid around the place. Eventually I saw a car pull out of its space, so I nabbed it. It was next to a (fenced) memorial for soldiers of one of the wars. What was interesting was that the spot had no lines around it. I bought a ticket for an hour, but I wasn't convinced that the spot I was in was legal.

We got out of the car and started walking up the last bit of the hill (about 200m of a slight incline) when I noticed a parking inspector walking around the car park and checking for windows.I saw him give 2 parking fines as he was looking. I told Tess that she should continue up the main street, and that I would stay near the car, in case he thought about giving us a fine. I watched him walk straight up to the car, look through the window, and carry on his way. Brilliant!!!

We walked up the hill to the main town square, where one of the (petit) tourist trains was situated. Tess asked if we'd be going on the tourist train, as she'd wanted to go on one since we went to Chartres. I said no, but we would go on one in one of the next towns.

We continued up the hill, and past the queue for the town caves where people could hide should the village be sieged. With a few more paces, we were finally at the reason why I stopped in the town.

The most remarkable view. Domme sits high atop a hill near a bend in the Dordogne river. From it you can see La Roque Gageac quite clearly. You could see the magnificent bridge across the Dordogne in the town just at the foot of the hill, and off to the right we could see rain on some of the hills and villages in the distance. We'd be driving near these places soon, so I wasn't too enthusiastic about the images, although it was very pretty.

We stayed up on the edge for 30 minutes or so, taking in the sites and the clean air. This wasn't my last stay in the Dordogne, but it was the last time I'd get such a magnificent, far reaching view. One day, I'll return here.

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