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Camooweal free camp - Di relaxing

Camooweal - river with lots of water lilies

Camooweal - Mural in the town

Camooweal Pete and Kangaroo with horns statue

Camboweal - Di and Roo with horns

Queensland and Northern Territory border

Landscape at border of QLD and NT

Barkly Homestead Road House

Barkly Homestead Road House - Map of NT

Tennant Creek - Di at the Mining Museum doing a bit of...

Tennant Creek - Mural in the main street

Tennant Creek - Desert Harmony Festival procession

Tennant Creek - Desert Harmony Festival procession

Tennant Creek - Desert Harmony Festival procession - Crocodile

It was a bit of a rush trying to get all of our chores done and vacate the Mt Isa caravan park by 10am but we did it, give or take 10 minutes. We said farewell to our new four legged friend who we had shared our bread with through the fence - Mr Ed (I'll call him). We both enjoyed our couple of days in the Isa.

Our direction was north-west to a free camp spot at Camooweal, I set the NavMan using the GPS coordinates given in Wiki Camps app and off we set leaving the hills of the Isa to flat country once more. As we entered Camooweal the NavMan directed us to turn left which we did and follow the road, after four kilometres on red dirt we decided to turn back. We had been sent the wrong way, all we had to do was to come in to the town as we did and continue one kilometre more then we would have seen the caravans camped on the river bank. If we had kept on the dirt road we may have ended up in Alice Springs but it would have been a bit rough for our old van.

We found a lovely spot on the bank of the river and set up for the night and then went for a walk back into the town. Pete likes to walk through the bush and take the most direct route whereas I worry about the snakes that could be in the grass and want to keep to the tracks. Anyway we made it into Camooweal, it's only a small place with one pub and general store but 2 caravan parks. We realised we only had a few dollars between us so Pete sacrificed having a beer at the pub so I could buy an icy pole (what a gentlemen). I did share my icy pole with him. There was a kangaroo with horns statue in the park so we took a pic and made our way back to camp.

There were lots of different birds around the river and heaps of Water Lilies. It was a great spot and we were not crowded in. The wind came up so there was no camp fire that night and it got cold. The next day I went for a walk in the opposite direction along the river bank but the wind and cold brought me back. We have had a mixture of seasons, hot, cold, windy and a few drops of rain.

Just after leaving Camooweal we crossed the border into the Northern Territory and headed west along the Barkly Highway, the land was so flat and dry. We travelled our longest distance so far covering 380 kilometres, calling in a Barkly Homestead for lunch before proceeding on to our camp spot at '41 Mile Bore' which is 70 kilometres east of 'Three Ways'. It was a large area with spots scattered about in the bush. We went exploring around the area and were disgusted by the rubbish etc left behind by fellow travellers, there's no excuse for not cleaning up after yourself. We were happy with our spot and settled in for the night.

Next day we headed for the 'Three Ways' and instead of turning right towards Darwin we turned left and headed to Tennant Creek. Pete wanted to continue further south to Northern Territories 'Wauchope' but I talked him out of that as it was another 100+ kilometres that we would have to backtrack. Leave Wauchope for another time.

After we set up camp in Tennant Creek Caravan Park we visited Battery Hill Mining Centre which had a museum about the mining days of years gone by. It was so interesting I ended up reading everything on the walls. A wealth of information and great display of artefacts. We then visited their minerals display room with minerals from all around the world. The samples on display were fantastic, some were so beautiful.

Tennant Creek had a street procession the night we were there closing half the highway, it was the 'Desert Harmony Festival'. We walked into town from the caravan park to watch it and did enjoy watching the kids on all their decorated push bikes, the floats including a huge crocodile made from cane being carried along by a group of people, it was very impressive.

After the procession we made our way to the local Ex Servicemen's Club where we met people from the caravan park we were staying at and we all had dinner together. We are very sociable on this trip. It was a good night and we all caught the clubs courtesy bus home. Don't think I'd like to walk home late at night in Tennant Creek.

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