Northwest bound travel blog

Our chariot

Beauty everywhere

McKinley River in foreground


Grizzly - Mama and cub

Love the road!

Big guy

He had no time for us - too busy eating


Top and bottom of Mt. McKinley

The top of Mt. McKinley is over 20,000 feet high

Alaska Mountain Range in distance

Polychrome Mountains

Too late in the season for Mt. McKinley climbers

Isn't she splendid?

Magnificent moose

Mama Grizzly and her 2 cubs

Caribou curious about us

Caribou - called reindeer if domesticated

Denali Backcountry Lodge as seen from road above

The cabins of Denali Backcountry

Wonderful porch of the Lodge

More of the grounds

Kantishna, AK Today we hopped onto the Denali Backcountry Lodge shuttle for a 6-hour, 92-mile trip into the heart of Denali Park. It was a glorious day. The weather was lovely. The sky was blue. There was a very light breeze and the clouds were white, although there were a lot of clouds. We were served cookies and soda on the shuttle and we were able to see lots of parts of Mt. McKinley although not all at the same time. We saw both the north and the south peaks, which are about 2 miles apart and also saw the bottom - the middle being obscured by clouds - at the same time. Since few tourists get to see it at all, we were delighted. We drove through some amazingly beautiful country. And to make things perfect, we saw bears, caribou and a huge moose. When we arrived at the Denali Backcountry Lodge, we were impressed. We have a very nice cabin right on the river. However, there is no cell phone service, no internet, no TV, no hair dryer, no clock in the room and not even a landline. In fact, electricity is a little funky as it apparently fluctuates constantly. We are truly in the back country but they are friendly folks and they feed us really well. Who could ask for more?

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