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Northern Utah

Northern Utah

Utah - It's green

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Wall containing bones at Dinosaur National Monument

One of the exhibits

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The terrain outside the exhibit

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The exhibit hall

Day 19

Wednesday, Aug 24

After I finished my journal last night I went out to my bike and got to talking with one of the other guests who was sitting outside his room drinking. From him I learned: 1) don't ride through Salt Lake City because the traffic is like Los Angeles, 2) don't ride through Albuquerque because "they're shooting everyone", and 3) the best place to get cheap booze in Mexico is a town just across the border named Copecena or some such (but don't go into the bad section because "they're shooting everyone"). Why do I get all the weirdo's? Mary says it's because I told him I was from Detroit and that's what he thought I'd want to talk about.

As I left Idaho this morning I could smell and see smoke all the way into Utah. They were talking about another forest fire starting last night so I guess that was it. Utah was not like I expected it at first either. It looked like a cross between western Montana, Idaho and Eastern Oregon, except it was green. The eastern side of the state looked more like the westerns I remember. I took I-84 to Ogden then got on US 40 to go across the state to Dinosaur National Monument. US 40 is a great two-lane highway that even Brother Ray would approve of.

Dinosaur National Monument is an eroded river valley where a huge number of dinosaur skeletons were discovered between 1909 and 1924. They were first located by a guy named Douglas who was being paid by the Carnegie Museum to find fossils. This is apparently the most complete find in the North American continent. Much of the wall where the bones still are has been preserved and enclosed by a building to protect it. There is no more excavation going on. I asked why there were no T-Rex's and was told a) they were more in North Dakota and b) they were 50,000,000 years after the dinosaurs in this exhibit. Realizing that the entire recorded history of mankind is only 10,000 years, it's amazing to think of a species being around for 50,000,000 years.

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