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We normally sleep with the bedroom window open here in the mountains, and last night was no exception.

Because of that bear visit the night before, I must have been awake most of the night, listening closely for any sounds which might indicate that the bear was back.

I have no idea what I could have or would have done, if the bear did return.

In any case, I felt tired most of today.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors in the screened room with our morning coffee. Jeff walked over and mentioned that he was sure the bear was around last night.

Later, we sat with Jeff & Nan along with Eddie & Jan, at the fire pit, mostly talking quietly about show business and Robin Williams in particular.

Our friends, Jeff & Nan, have been close to that business and Nan in particular, offered some real insights about the lifestyle and some of the people.

Marilyn cooked up the green beans we purchased at the Farmer’s Market, adding onions, bacon, and some new potatoes we borrowed from Jan.

She offered corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, and cottage cheese, for a tasty lunch.

She did laundry and cleaned house today before spending some personal time reading her book and working on her cross stitch.

I did nap for a few minutes in my recliner.

Jean stopped by for a few minutes to invite us down to their site for a campfire, marshmallows, and star gazing. The meteor shower should be visible tonight once it gets dark, and it sounds like fun.

So, maybe I won’t get a lot of sleep tonight either, but after all, we are retired!

I’ll sleep in tomorrow.

We do have more fun stuff on the agenda for tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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