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Today's first adventure.


This sign looked a little confusing at first. We had to read...

It looks like Tom has had some "issues" with various Government agencies!

And he doesn't want them on his property.

The fishing pond - note the large sculpture on the far side.

This first sculpture that we saw hinted that we might be in...


Bridge across the pond.

One of the little sculptures scattered around the property - I'm sure...

Hints from various sculptures would suggest Tom probably served in the Marine...

... lost his pension through some corporate take-overs or mergers, and has...

... he's obviously a very talented and creative person. I wish we...

The quarter-mile bog walk was very enjoyable. Good thing this is a...


A "telephone" Tom installed along the trail.

Very beautiful new picnic pavillion Tom built for everyone to enjoy.

Everything he does involves some sculptures.

and creativity.


A table made from a huge saw blade.

Front of the fireplace made from short pieces of huge chain.


And a few sculptures to entertain or perhaps scare the kids.


Even the "out-house" is quite unique.

The outdoor auditorium.


The rest of the photos were taken along the walking/driving trail.

These are just a few of the photos I took to give...





Innovative "teeter-totter" for the little kids.

This smiling kid wouldn't move so I took a picture.

Note the frightened man hiding inside the log.




There's probably more of a message here than I understand but I...

... it has something to do with Right-to-Work laws driving a wedge...

Not visible in the photo is the word "Enron" welded on the...

Art with a message about his former welder's union local 506.



A memorial to the 9-11 disaster.


Several sculptures of animals utilized this technique.


Many of the sculptures were just "fun stuff".


Near the exit was this innovative place to leave a donation -...


Today's second adventure.


It's quite an amazing structure - so huge, made of wood, no...

A series of interconnected catwalks, also made of wood...

... provide access to overhead lights and utilities. Note the long arched...


All the main beams are laminated wood bolted to large concrete pilings.

This large roll of artificial turf can cover most of the floor...

(Ron Writing) Yesterday we stayed home all day to relax, work on the blog and do some other work around home. The other reason to spend a day here was to await the arrival of our mail at the Munising post office. We also found time for a couple games of Skip-Bo, which we both enjoy.

This morning we picked up our mail and then headed west on M-28. A little east of Marquette, MI we stopped to tour Lakenenland Sculpture Park. This is a private, no-fee park created by a welder who uses scrap metal to create all sorts of sculptures. We expected a quick stop to see a couple sculptures and since it was right along our way we figured it would be a nice rest stop. We were very surprised by what we found. The sculptures that Tom Lakenenland has created from “junk”, all forms of scrap metals, are very artistic and interesting. About 80 to 100 sculptures are spread out along a winding trail through his property. He invites everyone to either walk or drive along the trail to enjoy his art; well, almost everyone, as you’ll see in the photos. He has also created two ponds on the property, stocked them with fish, and invites children to go fishing. There is a “bog walk” quarter-mile loop trail through a beautiful bog in which he has installed a walkway of elevated half-sawn logs to walk on. A new addition is a very nice picnic shelter with tables and a large fireplace. There is also an outdoor stage and seating where local bands present free concerts. We must have spent over two hours enjoying the park and would highly recommend a visit if you’re in this area.

From Lakenenland we continued west on M-28 into Marquette, MI and toured the Superior Dome at Northern Michigan University. The description from their website reads:

“In the "Book of World Records - 2010," the Superior Dome is listed as the fifth-largest dome structure in the world (largest being measured by diameter). The four other structures that are larger are made of steel, making it the largest wooden dome structure. The facility has a diameter of 536 feet. It has the ability to withstand 60 pounds per square foot of snow and 80 mile per hour winds.

The Dome's features include a retractable artificial turf carpet, the largest of its kind in the world. When extended, the turf has the ability to accommodate football, soccer (120 x 72 ft. field) and field hockey. Underneath the carpet is a synthetic playing surface that features three basketball/volleyball courts, two tennis courts and a 200-meter track. Three concession areas provide service to all events.”

There was a veterans expo event taking place so we couldn’t get a guided tour but we were able to just walk around and see the place.

We are spending the night in Marquette.

Today’s drive: 60 miles (8.2 mpg)

Miles since leaving North Ranch: 7,360 (9.1 mpg)

Fuel price: $3.559/gal in Harvey, MI

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