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I awoke during the night, coughing. I knew I had already had Marilyn awake but, in an effort to mitigate the damage, I took my Kindle and a couple of cough drops, and walked down to the living room.

I coughed a bit more, then sucked on a cough drop to calm the tickle in my throat, while reading more of my latest book.

I finally felt that I could go back to sleep if I were in bed, so that is what I did.

This morning I felt groggy and tired, but hoped that the coffee would wake me up.

We sat outdoors at the campfire built by Jeff.

Jan & Eddie walked over to join us and the six of us chatted away.

Eddie and Jeff were soon getting ready to go play golf.

Marilyn began her morning cleaning ritual, and I started clearing the basement storage area in anticipation of Bob helping me to fix the water leak we experienced a few days ago.

With the storage area cleared out, I climbed in there to inspect the water supply hoses, for the washing machine, in the area suggested by Bob. Sure enough, the hot water supply hose going to the washing machine from the water manifold was completely disconnected.

Bob soon arrived with two new hose clamps, but they were slightly too large, so we drove to the hardware store near the airport in Canon City.

With the correct hose clamps, it wasn’t long before Bob had the problem fixed.

Thanks, Bob!!

After Bob headed back home, I re-loaded the storage bay, while Marilyn did some laundry. She is tickled to have her washer and dryer working as they should.

Now it is her turn to exclaim that Life is Good!

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