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Marilyn & I were up early this morning.

While she put the coffee on, I built a campfire at the fire pit.

We sat together with our coffee, staring at the flames as we talked quietly about things we want to do in the RGV this winter.

Jeff was the first of our neighbors to make an appearance as he joined us. Then his wife, Nan, joined us, along with Molly, their pet, who seems nearly human in understanding spoken words.

After a little bit of time, Jan joined us and then Eddie arrived.

We teased Eddie who appeared freshly showered and dressed in nice clean clothing.

Eddie seemed to attract the smoke, no matter which direction he moved around the fire pit.

We all visited for some time, then broke up to get started on the chores for the day.

I took my shower and was soon ready to head off to Canon City to pick up a prescription and some items on Marilyn’s grocery list.

We were back home by 12:00 noon, and relaxed for awhile.

Marilyn continued to work on her new project while I read from my Kindle.

We anxiously waited for Bob & Janet and Jesse & Ginger to arrive, thinking how it will be nice to see these good friends again.

In fact I wrote a note to Bob, asking him if 3:30 was still a good ETA for them. Just as I pushed the “POST” button, Bob & Janet arrived at our door.

After exchanging hugs we all sat together with a cold drink and enjoyed the lively conversation. Eddie joined us as Bob & Janet related stories about their trip to Alaska.

Jesse & Ginger walked up to join us also and Jeff walked over to say hello.

Later, the group thinned down to six of us and we had BBQ Beef Sandwiches, Cole Slaw, and Potato Salad, with chips and cold drinks for our “long traveling” friends.

They have been on the road for nearly three months and were worn out, so they went home around 6:30, hoping for a good night of sleep.

We hope to do the same and to spend more time in the company of all these good friends tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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