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On the winding road to Virginia City


Lovely Victorian style home


We saw horses just roaming around town.


Everything is pretty much least it felt that way.

The horse pays no attention to the dog & vise versa


Funny money

We were told that the wooden sidewalks are original. They creak &...





Great street light.....just to cool

These banners line the street




The coffee shop where had a beverage, had to bus our own...

Very cool looking car huh ?

Looking into a saloon, had to go in & check out the...

There are beautiful lights hanging from the high ceiling.







Just beautiful, how bars have changed.

The sign outside the saloon

Offering Pete a root beer barrel candy

Want some salt water taffy ?

Any you recognize ?


Out from behind the camera for a minute






On the way back to Fernley. ???????

A turtle for you Maggie !


Virginia City is located in western Nevada at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just south of Reno & I-80. It was once the richest gold producing area in the United States. Today there are shops & restaurants, most of the buildings still retain there original facades.

We arrived in town about an hour before the stores opened, there was one small coffee shop open so we sat down for a beverage. We had great timing, we were in & out of town before it got really busy.

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