Camel Back Lake near Beach, North Dakota...

Horses and beautiful scenery on the drive..

Arriving in Montana...


We checked out the town before buying our groceries...







We picked up all our "must haves" at the Corner Market...

Check out this huge bicycle ...

This cowboy was made from a muffler..:-) So cool!!

Loved these too...


Last one, colorful scenery on the drive home..

We had a nice Sunday drive today, we picked up much needed supplies in the tiny town of Wibaux. Wibaux is only about 35 miles from Medora, just across the North Dakota line into Montana. The only complaint we have about Medora is the lack of grocery stores. They do have a gas station that sells a few items, but a real grocery store would be much appreciated in the area.

It was a cool drive, on the way back we noticed a yard with a lot of huge structures, they were made out of a bit of everything. Some had old wagon wheels and even mufflers on them. I loved the cowboy and the huge bicycles.

When I looked up the history of Wibaux I was surprised to read about Theodore Roosevelt's connection to Wibaux. Read the interesting paste from Wikipedia below:

The town originally had names such as Keith, Beaver, and Mingusville (named for Minnie and Gus Grisy, who ran the Post Office in the late 19th century). In 1895, the town was renamed for prominent local cattle rancher, Pierre Wibaux, who had immigrated to the area from France in 1883. Wibaux expanded his herds by buying stock from less fortunate ranchers.

After Wibaux's arrival, the town became a major cattle shipping center for the Northern Pacific Railroad, notably receiving some of the cattle from Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross and Elkhorn ranches near Medora, North Dakota. The great cattle drives of the 1880s often passed by Wibaux on their way from Texas to the northern ranges.

According to legend, Theodore Roosevelt got his nickname "Old Four Eyes" in Wibaux, (Mingusville, at the time) shortly after moving to the badlands from New York City. A drunk sheep rancher in the bar said "four eyes is buying". At first Roosevelt ignored him, but the man wouldn't let up. Eventually he walked over to confront Roosevelt. Roosevelt stood up, accidentally tripping the drunk man, who fell and did not get up. Roosevelt was praised as a hero, but immediately went and hid in his room, in case the sheepherder woke up and wanted to cause trouble. :-)

End Of Paste

It was another fun day of exploring, this time in new parts of North Dakota on the drive as well as Montana. Check back later for more.

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