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Entrance to the village



Tony just loved this door

The bake house

Communal hall




Village from the watch tower


Lund Cathedral




In the crypt

Finn's wife and baby?


University building



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Choir rehearsal

It is the beginning of August and the weather is still gorgeous although according to the locals this is exceptional. This is also the last two weeks of the Swedish school holidays so places are starting to become quieter. That is reflected in our campground although the Netherlanders seem to be out in force. We have discovered that wherever you go there will be Netherlanders – they are the travellers of Europe.

We headed down to Skȁnor the visit Foteviken Viking Museum. Another Viking museum you might say but this was a working Viking style village. According to our guide books the place is “like a hippy commune in a time warp” but we reckon they had all gone on holiday as there were only students manning the various buildings. However despite that this recreation actual gave you a clear idea of what a Viking fishing village would have looked like and provided a lot of history on the Vikings in the area and their way of life.

From Skȁnor we headed along the coast and then north to Lund a splendid old university town. Dominating the town is the cathedral with its charcoal and white stone exterior built in the 12th century. The interior is much unadorned reflecting its Lutheran history but really splendid Romanesque architecture. We just caught visiting the cathedral at the right time as there was a choir rehearsing which sounded beautiful.

Exploring the crypt was fascinating .There was two pillars one man and one woman with child hugging the pillars. Legend had it that Finn the Giant built the cathedral for St Lawrence in return, unless the saint could guess his name, Finn wanted the sun, the moon or the saint’s eyes. Lawrence heard Fin’s wife talking to her baby saying his father’s name. The saint rushed to Finn declaring his name. Finn and his wife with the baby rushed to the crypt to pull down the columns and were instantly turned to stone. Do you believe that!

After the cathedral we explored the university area, where there were some interesting buildings built in the 19th century although a number looked older. An interesting town.

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