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Kronoberg in Denmark


The harbour area

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Steps up to the keep

The Keep





Remains of the old windmill

Today we headed to Helsingborg. This is the opposite town on the narrowest stretch or the Öresund to Helsingør, Denmark. This area belonged to Denmark in the 11th century who fortified the town. Over the centuries the town was fought over and lost by the Swedes six times until in 1710 it finally remained Swedish. All that remains today of the castle built by the Danes is the keep which dominates the town.

However before exploring the keep area we explored the rejuvenated harbour area. A pleasant area to walk. This is also the location where the regular ferries between Helsingør and Helsingborg arrive and depart.

There are now steps which lead up the Kȁrnan or old keep and although not remarkable there were good views out across the town. Surrounding the keep was a park which again pleasant to walk around particular as the day had turned hot once again.

Our final stop was what remains of a 19th windmill surrounded by farm cottages.

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