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Grafatti at Christiana


Danish Shopping Cart

Cloick on car

Group Phote

Solar powered boat

The Harbor

In the afternoon we stopped at several places in the city to see what shopping we could get into. More time in the car than on the street because of construction and the difficulty in finding parking. We visited an antique row, which wasn’t too great, the main walking street with lots of very interesting things – a place where you could let minnows eat the dead skin off your feet, a cake shop that lad a line of 30+ people waiting to get in – it had been operating for over 300 years, and lots of souvenir shops – none of which had anything nice (but LOTS of mermaids!)

Then off to Christiana again – we wondered through the place and stopped for a light lunch. I had some grand vegetable soup and Alice has hummus – both with homemade bread. Ole and Minna then took off with Thor and we wandered around a bit looking at the crafts and other oddities – and avoiding the more “interesting” areas. One of the items I had seen the night before was gone, so a bit of a disappointment.

We then headed to the church to climb up to the top of the steeple – something I had been afraid to do when I was there last. But there were too many people in line and we had to be picked up in 15 minutes. Next time for sure!

One curious thing was that every car has a small clock on the passenger’s side windshield. When I asked about it Ole said that when you park in an area you set the clock to when you park so police know how long you’ve been. In many areas you need to buy a parking ticket, but in others this is how they keep track of how long you’ve been. A well regulated society!

We were picked up by Ole and Minna and went to buy food for dinner, then back to Marie’s for a shrimp, leek, and coconut milk dish over rice with green curry. Very nice! We sat around and chatted about the past, the present, the future. We even got together for a group portrait!

After dinner we walked the ten minutes down to the harbor (recreational use only now) and along the edge. Saw a solar boat rental place – which apparently was a bit controversial due to its placement – but interesting concept. Marie and I talked about the contrasting educational systems and how both tended to disadvantage the poor.

Back at Marie’s flat we said goodbye to Ole and Minna, which was very sad. Up the steps to Marie’s and she called and a cab will meet us at 5:15 AM tomorrow for a ride to the airport. Then we packed up, I took a shower, and we said goodbye to Marie. She promised she would come to visit soon!

I have the alarm set for 4:45 AM. The second part of the adventure begins tomorrow!

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