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Parking garage entrance

Bridge Tunnel to Sweden

Base of wind turbine blade

Solar car charger

Happy Swedish Food

Half timbered brich building


Court House

Drinking Fountain

Up at 8:00 after about six hours sleep and felt pretty good. Went to take a shower and – no hot water. Not even cold water from the hot tap. So I took a bird bath – very unsatisfying to say the least! Then a breakfast of cheese and bread and tea, then met Ole, Minna, and Thor for our trip to Sweden.

On the way out Ole pointed out the automated parking garage entrance. For a fee you could park your car – you drove it in and stepped out – then it was automatically parked for you in an underground lot. You were given a code and that would retrieve your car and charge your account.

Anyway, off we went through the streets of Copenhagen and to the bridge-tunnel built in 2000 between Denmark and Sweden. Four kilometer tunnel, artificial island (Pepper Island), and the rest a suspension bridge. As we left the bridge we passes a truck with one of the blades from the wind generators – those things are huge!

Entering Malmo was through a new area recently reclaimed from a closed shipyard. Most notable was the Twisted tower – an apartment building built as if it were twisted. We took a look and stopped in at a green market – the parking lot had a solar charger for electric cars. Quite nice. But we were looking forward to the town.

We drove a bit then passes the old stone fortification that protected the town in the 1500s – then finding a place to park was a challenge. We ended up in a garage that was again person free – you bought your ticket for the time you were to stay, then later left. No one checked the ticket (as far as we could tell).

The town itself was a tourist town but there were few tourists compared to Copenhagen. The buildings were almost all very old – dating from the 1500s for the most part. Half timbered with brick was a very interesting look. I tried to get some Swedish Kroner but the machine would not accept my card. Nor would the bank… Luckily I bought things where the shops would take my card. Could not change money in the banks either.

In any event, many craft shops with beautiful work, large numbers of restaurants, and a very nice center square for pedestrians only next to the old city hall – first built in 1520 then rebuilt twice more, the last in 1930. It still had the original decorations – quite stunning. The fountain too was new but quite elaborate – the part with the water fountain for drinks was clearly well used.

After stopping in a few shops and getting some pastries we decided that it was time to go back to the city. Well worth the trip!

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