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Friday, July 25 – Saturday July 26

Still raining when the alarm went off. Add raincoat to the jeans & jacket routine. This was a good day to spend inside. We chose the Anchorage Museum for today’s field trip. We could have spent many more hours there – if our brains could process any more information.

There is an excellent display of Alaskan Native American Artifact “repatriated” from the Smithsonian Institute. The collection is extensive for each of the 11 Alaskan tribes and well presented. We started our visit with a docent led tour through this display. There were also 7 large videos that played a continuous loop of videos with historic pictures and explanation in the Native Americans’ own words.

Next we went to the section on Alaska History. This display began with the earliest people who came to Alaska over the Bering Strait when it was a frozen land or a sea of grass. The section about the exploration of Alaska by various countries was quite extensive but somewhat confusing. (It was hard keeping track of who Alaska belonged to since it was claimed by Russia, France, Spain and England all during the same time period). When the display progressed to modern Alaska it stopped with 1980. Lots has happened in the last 24 years with the pipeline, Native Americans, lifestyles in Alaska, etc.

Still raining when our brains became overloaded with info. W headed down to Ship Creek to The Bridge Restaurant.From the restaurant you can watch the salmon fishermen in the Creek. Unfortunately we were there 10 minutes before they opened. We walked out to the lookout to watch the fisherman when one came up from the Creek. He showed us the two silver salmon he caught. He said there wasn't much of a run of salmon yet. When The restaurant finally opened they announced they were only serving appetizers the first hour. Off we went in search of a new restaurant. Ended up at the Snow Goose Pub - fish & chips again.

The need to still stay inside again won out so we headed for the Laundromat. I do miss having my own washer and dryer. The washers do not do a good job of spinning the moisture out so we spend a fortune on drying the clothes.

We did take time to call Andy to wish him a Happy Birthday. He leaves for Vegas Monday for work and a convention. Expense paid week in Vegas - 

Awoke Saturday to sunshine and good intentions of hitting the road early. Had two men come by and ask about the RV. Tom spent over an hour talking to them and showing off our baby.

It was close to noon when we headed downtown to attend the Saturday market. The first produce vendor we saw had very fresh produce for sale. A head of broccoli was about 15 in. in diameter. I read the price as $3.00. That was a very good price until I read the fine print that added /lb. to the $3.00 – that head of broccoli would easily cost $12!

We wandered around and bought a few small items. The items I really was interested in either cost too much or were too big to transport home with us. Tom & I spent about a half hour talking to Dan Seavey and his wife. Dan was autographing his book (which we bought) about the Iditarod. During our first trip to AK we visited their son’s attraction – Mitch Seavey Sled Dog Ride – it was one of the highlights of that trip. Dan has won the Iditarod, their son Mitch has won two and grandson Dallas has won two Iditarod races. Hope it is as good a narrative as Bill Schuette’s book about the Blue Ridge Parkway.We attended Mass at the Holy Family Cathedral in downtown Anchorage. Then enjoyed dinner at Applebee’s – used a Kroger 4x the points gift card! (shoppers will know what I mean).

There was a huge air show at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage at the same time as the Market. We heard/watched planes overhead the entire afternoon. As we headed to the parking lot the AF Thunderbirds were performing. There was a nice big pile of dirt at the end of our spot so we climbed up and watched. You can barely see them in the pictures but we enjoyed the show.

Checked in to the Golden Nugget RV Park for the night. Time to charge up the batteries and have nice hot showers.

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