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We sure enjoyed the Ice Cream Social last night, but I ate too much for my friend, Jesse.

We visited with six nice folks from Texas, then walked home very much packed full of ice cream.

Early this morning we sat together outdoors, with our coffee.

It was around noon when I decided to fix a kettle of the Southwest Pork, Green Chili, Stew.

I sliced and diced and sautéed’ and soon had the RV filled with a very pleasant aroma of onions and garlic.

The stew turned out to be delicious and we enjoyed it a lot, leaving very little as a “left over”.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors, reading and enjoying the wonderful weather.

Our friend, Roy, walked up to visit and brought his dog, Nick, along. Nick looks just like the owner’s dog, Hutz, but Nick is a “leaner”. He walked up to stand beside me and then just leaned over until his entire weight was leaning against my leg. I complied with his silent request and petted him, but had to test his trust, and moved away suddenly, just a couple of inches. Sure enough, it confirmed my suspicion that he would fall over if I suddenly moved away. Nick is a fine pet and a really good dog.

Before Roy and Nick left, we made a plan to pick up Roy and Jeanne tomorrow, to drive in to Old Colorado City, for lunch at Jake & Telly’s Greek Restaurant.

That will be fun for sure!

So, another fine day drifts softly to a close.

Life is Good!

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