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We got on the ferry which left at 7am. It was a big ferry with assigned seating. I covered my head with my towel and got to sleep most of the way. Pulling up to Ios was beautiful. Hills with the white houses with blue doors. The port was small and had a few shops around. Once we were all unloaded we walked about 5 minutes to our hotel. We didn't have our large suitcases with us so it wasn't bad. We just packed bags for the 6 days in the islands. 

Most of us went straight down to the pool which was huge and had a lot of lounger chairs around it. Mini jugs of cocktails were 10 euro and we all had a few. After about 4 hours in the sun I went up for a nap and to get ready to walk up into town. I had to buy a sun hat because I forgot my sunglasses in my large suitcase. Who forgets their sunglasses for an island holiday?!?

We went up to Fun Pub for the evening. It was filled with Australians yet again haha. I did meet a guy from Canada and it was really funny to talk to him. He was on a contiki as well and all his group was Aussies too. A couple of the girls wanted to walk around and find hot guys. Carly was one of the girls and she had not been drunk all trip so it was quite funny. We walked into the bar district and stopped at different places to check them out. I met a bartender at one bar and she was from Ottawa. She said she didn't need a visa to work in Ios. Maybe I will go back there. It's so amazing. All the shops are open until 1:30am which is crazy but probably good for business. I can see many people making poor shopping decisions after a few 2 euro drinks. Clubs start getting busy at about 1 or 2. I went for about 20 minutes to Traffic but left with some of the group because I felt like a sardine. 

The next day I went for breakfast at the port with Becky and Olivia. We then went into town to shop and then took the local bus to the beach. We met some of the other group and sun bathed for a couple hours. The water was calm mostly but at one point it got really wavey. Teyernan was so funny... She was trying to get out of the sea and she kept getting swept back in until I pulled her hand out. We caught a bus back to the port to walk to our hotel. That evening we had the Bucks and Hens night for Max and Tatiana. They are the couple that got engaged at the Eiffel Tower. Bucks and Hens is like a stag and stagette.


There are only 13 boys on our tour so they had an early start on the scavenger hunt. Us girls all got dressed up and started off with dinner. I sat beside Tatiana and we had a great chat about her next steps in life. After dinner we went to a lounge and completed most on our list. It had things like take pictures with hot guys, get a lock of chest hair (which I did and did NOT have scissors haha poor guy) and handcuff a guy and drag him into the woman's washroom. At midnight we met up with the boys. They were so drunk and funny. Most of them had paint slaps across their face and one guy had a pad with red lipstick stuck to his forehead! At about 1:30am I headed back to the hotel. I can't party from 4-4 like a lot of these youngsters haha. 

The next day we had our pirate ship cruise. After George's Boat this was not even on the same level. It was cool to tour around the island though. We stopped at a nice spot surrounded by cliffs but I didn't jump in. It was pretty windy and still too chilly. Our next stop was this beautiful secluded beach. The water was so clear and you could see straight to the bottom even though it was 300 meters down. We same to the beach and spent about 3 hours there. Lunch was served and we just chilled out. On the way back to the port it was so windy and we were going through huge waves. I sat up top and it was funny to see them coming and crashing over the edge of the boat. 

When we got back I took a couple hour nap and then went into town with Becky and Olivia for dinner. We went to a Greek restaurant but I had pasta. It was so good. It had spicy chicken and a peanut sauce. The white wine that I drank was made from the grapes that were growing above my head. Olivia and I then met up with some others from the group and went to many different bars for shots. Most places had a deal that if you bought 7 shots for 21 euro you got a free singlet (tank top). I walked back to the hotel about 2:30. The next day we had to leave Ios and move onto Santorini. Sad. 

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