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Two hour drive from Pittsburgh to Cleveland seemed like a trip to the grocery store after the previous days' 'behind the wheel'; short & sweet. Ball game was not till the evening so during the day I visited the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame on the shores of Lake Eire. Nice looking building that is basically three stories tall, and is arranged to tell the Rock n' Roll story chronologically. It tended to be focused on various groups, but I guess that's what a Hall of Fame is centered on.

The Cleveland stadium was quite nice: Intimate views of the field and well designed promenades. The major negative was the scoreboard - 75% advertisements, 20% game data/facts, and lousy player 'photos'.

I did get to see NY Yankees Derek Jeter break Wee Willie Keeler's record of 2,539 singles hit in a career, with his 2,540th in the 1st inning; Keeler played from 1892 till 1910.

As this was a baseball stadium road tour, upon reviewing my route options to proceed to Connecticut, I realized Cooperstown, NY was 'on the way', relatively speaking. How could I pass-up visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame being so close ?

Next day drove to Cooperstown and discovered that there were hundreds of Little Leaguers visiting/staying in town ! Needless to say the cost of rooms was 'inflated'. So I drove 25 miles away and found a reasonably priced motel. Next morning toured the HoF facility and visited the quaint little town. Thoroughly enjoyed both; especially as I arrived at the HoF early, and thereby had toured most of it before the 'hoards' descended. The HoF is a 'team oriented' configuration, versus focused only on the members of the HoF. The statues of Babe Ruth & Ted Williams were quit impressive pieces of art, especially considering they are entirely made of wood, and are life size.

Completed the 3 1/2 hour drive to my parents that evening. I'll spend a couple weeks there while Mia & Lidia continue their 'girls' sojourn thru Spain. Lidia and I will meet in Amsterdam after Mia returns to Austin the end of July.

Ciao for now

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