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View north to the city from Mt. Washington

1870 Funicular up to Mt. Washington

Fountain at Point State Park - 'the Point'

Here's lookin' at you

Pittsburgh Pirates PNC Park

View inside the ballpark

View from the outfield

Pittsburgh wall art

Four hour drive from Detroit to Pittsburgh was at night so the first time to see the city was this morning. It's a mixture of San Francisco, Quebec City and St. Louis; hills, cliffs, old & new buildings/neighborhoods, and of course the water front(s). Pittsburgh seemed more a city of ravines or valleys rather than hills. The two major rivers, Allegheny from the northeast and the Monongahela from the southeast meet at the east tip of Pittsburgh - 'the Point', where Fort Pitt stood in the 18th century. Joined they form the Ohio River. The cliffs on the southern shore of the Monongahela are about four hundred feet high, and there is the oldest operating funicular in the States rising up to Mt. Washington ('Coal Hill') and the neighborhoods located there. Many use the funicular daily to catch buses/light rail at the bottom to commute into the downtown rather than drive the circuitous routes down, and back up.

Pittsburgh is quite walkable, and there are innumerable staircases and bridges. It was a clean, personable city.

The baseball stadium (and the one for football), as in Cincinnati, are on the north shore of the river through town; in Pittsburgh it's the north shore of the north river, the Allegheny. There is a good view of the cityscape from the stadium, but it was sorely lacking in most other respects: old, narrow, damp, dark promenades; poor value/selection of food & drink; and no team history, even though it has been around since 1882 !?

None the less enjoyed the city.

Tomorrow off to Cleveland.

Ciao for now

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