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Three Lesser Gorges

Monkey, can you find it?

Ba Tribe coffin in the crevice of the gorge

We woke to a clear beautiful day, again we didn't make it Tai Chi nor the scenic sailing through the Wu Gorge. We are both suffering from some digestive issues, thank goodness we brought some Imodium with us. We were both ready to take the shore excursion for the cruise through the Lesser Three Gorges in Wushan. We disembarked our ship and embarked on a smaller boat to take us through the breathtaking Three Little Gorges. We cruised along the Daning River, which is a tributary off the Yangzi. The water between the gorges is green, which is very different from the Yangzi, with all its silt. Both rivers have some pollution, but not as much as I expected. Our guide, Daniel, tells us that cleaning up the rivers is a focus of the new president. As we cruised, we saw monkeys and ancient hanging coffins belonging to the Ba tribe, which is a lost culture from the Qin dynasty. This tribe would put the coffins of their dead in tiny crevices on the top side of the gorges. The views along this area were very beautiful and very different from what we have been seeing on the Yangzi so far. The temperature is warm, but there's a nice breeze between gorges. We returned to the Viking Emerald in time for lunch, we wouldn't want to miss a meal. The afternoon was ours to relax and watch the Yangzi flow by. Our days on the Yangzi seem to be flying. We had a nice dinner and then the crew put on a Cabaret Show that was very entertaining. We enjoyed our veranda and off to bed for another adventure tomorrow.

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