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After our usual, normal, beginning to the day, I walked down to the computer room to use the internet because the Wi-Fi is so bad here.

I took my Kindle along to download half a dozen books I had waiting. The Kindle is a great little toy but you have to have an internet connection to download the books you order.

When David, the owner, stopped to ask “How’s it going?” I didn’t even bother to complain. Our friend, Jesse, had mentioned that the Wi-Fi was pretty bad, before we even arrived. I guess we were warned! LOL

We called our daughter while we were there and had a nice, lengthy, conversation.

Colby is getting ready to play football and we sure hope to be back in Missouri in time to see him play a few games.

Colby’s Mom and his Aunt Kelly were both High School Cheerleaders for four years, cheering for both the Football and Basketball teams. We had no sons to watch playing ball so we look forward to watching our Grandson play for sure.

We are close to Fort Carson here and the sound of helicopters and sometimes, the C-130 aircraft are frequent and we refer to that as “The Sound of Freedom”.

I watched a video about the P-51 planes the other day, and was reminded how much I enjoy the sound of those Merlin engines from WWII vintage. Awesome!!

The weather had been really good all day but this afternoon the clouds built up and produced some heavy rain with strong, gusty wind.

Marilyn ran outdoors to take care of her plants, and returned in a “thoroughly soaked” condition.

The rain was so strong that it blew our bird bath over, spilling all of the water.

from the cozy shelter of our RV, we made some plans for tomorrow. A Farmer’s Market at the Park in Old Colorado City, will be our destination in the morning.

We want to get some fresh fruit and veggies, and maybe some cheese and perhaps even some roasted peppers.

Those roasted peppers are really good mixed with scrambled eggs in the morning.

We have a few adventures planned for the near future but I’ll write about them as they happen.

So that is the way our very routine day has gone today.

Pretty much just the way we like it.

Life is Good!!

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