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We would probably be getting the itch to take a road trip or something if the morning weather here weren’t so awesome.

We sat outdoors with our morning coffee again. There was not one cloud to be seen in the deep blue sky, the humidity had to be extremely low, the temperature was about 70 degrees, and the breeze was enough to provide that wonderful whispering in the pine trees.

We sat quietly and observed the wide variety of birds and the deer as they came and went at the feeders and the bird bath, or in the case of the deer, simply walked up and stared at us for awhile before wandering off.

We lingered outdoors as long as possible before going inside to get the chores done.

I finally walked to the office to use the phone.

I called Rolling Retreats RV sales and cancelled an appointment to have a repair done on our RV. The simple issue for us is the toilet which sometimes fails to hold water. Most of the time it works just fine.

I had to call my bank to get my “on Line Banking” log-in info reset. Then I was able to get on line and pay the credit card bill.

I also called our usual winter resort (Llano Grande) to cancel our reservation for this upcoming winter.

While I was at the office, I visited with friends, Keith, Chris, and Ken. They all were there to work with their computers.

That should be a clue that the Wi-Fi here is still pretty poor.

Back at the RV, I grilled a couple of pork steaks, adding some BBQ sauce we had purchased at the Budweiser Clydesdale Ranch near Boonville, MO.

Marilyn had fixed a delicious Cole Slaw to go with the BBQ and it was a tasty meal.

Later in the afternoon we sat indoors with the A/C running.

Those huge, cauliflower type of Cumulus clouds built up over the mountains, as the normal threat of rain approached.

We finally came back in after sitting in the screened room for a couple of hours.

It looks like it will be a cool night for sleeping.

Life is Good!

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