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Darien and Hang Ten


Ryan and Ice Cream Sandwich

Argentina's second biggest city has ironically caused Ryan and I to consider dropping it all to become Argentinian cowboys.

Our first intro to gaucho living was dinner at the Parilla Raul. There is a reason Argentina is known for their steak! That being said, this place was far from pretentious...first, there are no menus, you just name your cut of meat (for those who are indecisive, there's the "14 meat platter"), and either fries or salad. Then, there's the fine dishware: cutting boards with a little hole in the middle so your steak juices can drain freely onto the table. Classy right? Finally, there's that lovely $30 bill at the end of your 3 course dinner for two with a bottle of local Malbec. Win.

But what really sealed the career change was the horseback riding we did into the Sierra Chicas mountains with what seemed to be the world's last true gaucho. Salvador, in his leather boots, corduroy pants, and floppy beret-type hat (there's probably a much cooler name for it), led our group out from a little ranch-resort in the middle of no where into the surrounding foothills. Our horses, which we nicknamed Hang Ten (for his surfer look), and Ice Cream Sandwich (for his colour and gluttony), gave us a great ride. Nothing nose-to-butt about it! Personally, I had been looking forward to this excursion for the entire trip, and I was definitely not disappointed :)

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