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We were greeted by an awesome morning today. I should have said “another” awesome morning.

The first sound we noticed when we sat down outdoors, was the whisper of the wind in the pine trees.

That was followed by the sound of birds singing and the rapid fire flutter of the hummingbirds.

The piping hot coffee tasted great and I mentioned to Marilyn that it is hard to believe that we are living such a wonderful life.

Several deer wandered by and we watched the variety of birds with interest, as baby birds were fed by their mommies and a couple of birds stood on a small rock in the middle of our bird bath, to sip the fresh water.

We finally ran out of coffee and felt that we should get started on the day.

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, potatoes, and some juice.

I made the bed, helped dry the dishes, and dumped the holding tanks.

Marilyn began the last page of her cross-stitch project, and has already chosen the next design she wants to work on.

She spent much of the afternoon reading her book outdoors, while I finished mine from the comfort of my recliner.

I called Fred, the RV medic here at Mountaindale, and related to him the issue we have with the ball-valve for the Sea-Land Toilet.

If he gets that fixed for us we won’t have to detour for repairs once we leave here, headed to Hannibal.

In the evening, Ken & Jean stopped by and we all sat together beside the firepit. Then we were joined by Chris & Gia.

We enjoyed the conversation, story telling and laughter.

We have some plans for tomorrow. At least I do.

So, another quiet, peaceful, day has slipped by.

It has been a joy for us and we find such happiness in living our lives in this manner.

Retirement and the RV lifestyle keeps us in our “Happy Place”.

Life is Good!

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