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Red Wood tree with fern ball growing up high

Mist in the Red Woods

Base of Red Wood tree

Modern art mist in the Red Woods

Red Woods

Red Woods light setting on camera

Red Woods regular light setting on camera

top of a Red Wood tree

burned out center of a Red Wood tree

looking up the center of a Red Wood tree

Red Woods

The large tree

Red Woods

Base of a Red Wood tree

Twisted Red Wood tree

Twisted Red Wood tree

Twisted Red Wood tree

Up in the Twisted Red Wood tree

Dirt road through the Red Wood trees

So Big

Dirt road through the Red Wood trees

Soo big

Sunday, July 20, 2014 Mendocino and Red Wood National and State Parks

We left at 8:20 off to ultimately Medford, Oregon.

We listened to some nice old hymns on Sirius this morning for our church.

At 9:50 we are in the Red Wood National and State Park. I got to see a baby black bear scamper up the hill beside the road in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. President Nixon dedicated this grove of Red Wood Trees to her because of her work to create the National Park and her work in beautifying the US. It all ties together doesn’t it.

This National Park was created in 1968 and was expanded in 1978. It surrounded three California State Parks. Eventually they started to co-operate and operate the parks together.

We went on a ranger led walk through the grove. We learned that the Red Wood tree bark grows in straight lines or grooves up the tree. Oppositely a Douglas fir tree bark is like burnt potato chips. The Red Wood tree takes in 500 gallons of water a day and gets it from the mist as well as the ground. The Red Wood tree has tiny pine cones which have thousands of tiny seed inside. This pine cone does not need great heat to open but quite often the mold in the area kills off the seeds while on the tree or on the ground. The Red Wood tree lives over 2,000 years. The Red Wood tree can grow another tree from the burl on the lower bottom of the big tree. We saw lots of burls at least it seemed to me there were lots more than I have seen on other trees.

The Red Wood tree does not look so very red except in the center core. It is red and is the desired wood of the tree.

We had a calming walk through the wood and went over .25 of a mile.

We stopped at the big tree wayside and took pictures and walked in the woods again. It must be a big tree-the sign said it was. Lol

We saw a twisted tree which had three trees winding around each other.

We drove in the Jedidiah Smith Red Wood State Park on dirt and a little gravel for 6 miles. We drove right between the giant trees. This was really cool. It was a little scary for me when Bob pulled over for an oncoming car. You see I was on the very steep ravine side. I had my breath taken away several times and I am sure I have more gray hair after that drive. We pulled over and ate our lunch in the giant trees. It was REALLY QUIET and very impressive. I felt small standing among these giant ageless trees. It was amazing.

We decided to drive this road because our car was already dusty dirty from the farms in Stallion Springs. Well, after the drive even the windows were covered with dust. We went through a car wash in Medford, OR when we arrived. It was just too ugly.

One more day on the road and we will be home. We are going to see Crater Lake tomorrow then head for home.

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