You see lots of Black Hills gold jewelry in the area..

This one looks like it would be fun to do..

I would have to pass on this one..:-)

A cool museum...

We will definitely go back for this one..

All this is just on the drive to Keystone....

Another fun looking one..

We had a great time in this little town, don't miss it...




Lots of cool shops..



A cool way to advertise ...



Last one!

This update covers our visit to Keystone, South Dakota. There are so many awesome towns to visit in this area, we have been busy beavers every day of our stay here. Just driving to this town we passed hundreds of places that would be interesting to visit, one was a drive through bear park. We will definitely be going back to that one. We saw several museums, a Christmas Village, even a reptile garden. I would pass on the reptile one anyway. I do not like snakes. :-) I am adding a few pictures just from this drive today to show you how much there is do see and do. All of this was before we got to the awesome little town of Keystone.

The town of Keystone, SD was established in the late 1800's at the end of the Black Hills Gold Rush era. Today, it is a tourist town, owing its fame to the carving of Mount Rushmore. But the town existed years before the monument was even conceived. Mount Rushmore changed this once booming gold rush town into the tourist town it is today. It is also loaded with things to see and do. We enjoyed walking around and shopping at some of the unique shops. It was another great day in South Dakota, check back later for more.

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