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Enjoying the Yangzi from our veranda

Farming along the Yangzi

After a restful night, we woke to heavy haze, humidity and heat on the Yangzi. We spent some time enjoying the flat scenery from our veranda, then headed down to breakfast. I don't know why I thought I would lose weight on this trip, because that is not going to happen. The food on the ship is very good and in high abundance. It was a leisurely day on the river as we cruised upstream towards Yichang. Our itinerary had us visiting a local school today, but because school is out for the summer, the students were going to visit us on the ship. I was really looking forward to this part of the trip. Unfortunately, do to our delay yesterday and the monsoon rains that China has been experiencing the waters are high in the Yangzi, creating very strong currents. Since we are sailing upstream, against the strong currents I guess we were not making very good time, so they had to cancel the local school childrens visit, bummer! So we took in a few lectures on the Yangzi and Three Gorge Dam Project, both very informative. From the ship we observed water buffalo enjoying the waters. These are the animals that the locals use to harvest rice, but since rice is only harvested twice a year, the Chinese say the animals are relaxing. We also got some photos of local fishermen and farmers at work along the river banks. We were introduced to the ceremony of serving tea, I don't know Dad, I think I'll still be a coffee drinker, though the coffee is not very good here. We had a nice dinner and in the evening the staff put on a fashion show representing their historical dress from the different regions and dynasties of China. The sun sets early in this part of the world, but the heat does not subside. Thank goodness for the air-conditioned boat. Sorry that I haven't posted any photos in the last few days, we do not have wi-fi on the ship, which is how I would have posted pictures through George's i-phone. I'm keeping the log updated via the internet service and computers on the boat. I'll get some great photos posted as soon as we find wi-fi. We are not able to access our e-mail accounts either, I guess Google doesn't work on these computers. I would love to hear that all is well in the states, so please send us an e-mail via our travel log. Thank you!

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