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It was a few minutes after 6:00 when I went outdoors to build a campfire this morning.

Marilyn brought the coffee out and we were soon joined by Joe & Marilyn and their two dogs, Ben and Sailor Boy.

We visited until the bundle of wood was completely gone, then separated to get some work done.

Joe & Marilyn were getting ready to leave, heading off to Cheyenne Mountain for tonight, then back to Denver tomorrow.

Marilyn & I completed our normal chores and then gave our friends a tour of the Mobile Suites.

When our friends were all ready to go, we parted with hugs and wishes for safe travel.

We had decided to meet these good folks for a little jaunt to Manitou Springs, where a visit to the “Olive Tap” was at the top of our priority list.

After that we were heading off to Jake & Telly’s Greek Restaurant for a meal on the Deck.

This is a special place for us because of the good friends we have shared a meal with at this location.

I must say that we had a wonderful time with Joe & Marilyn.

We sat outdoors enjoying wonderful food and drink.

Great conversation was constantly punctuated with laughter as we all embraced the joy of the company of one another.

When we finally returned to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, to drop off our friends, we parted once again with hugs and wishes for safe travel.

We hope to see these fine folks again and maybe we’ll have a chance to introduce them to more of our good friends.

Life is Good!

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