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This is it, the post you've all been waiting for...

Mendoza, Argentina - the wine capital of South America.

Let me start by saying that I will be starting a revolt as soon as I get home, feel free to join in. My cause: wine prices in BC. Yesterday, Ryan bought a Dominicia 2010 Black Label Reserve Syrah, which was one of only 3000 bottles made that year.. the cost: $11.50. You are getting robbed!!

Some other fun facts about wine that might make you set out to the liquor store anyways:

- the Dominica vineyard is famous for harvesting its grapes only at night during the first week of April. Apparently, this eliminates the need for preservatives and makes the wine more alcoholic without tasting like it.

- the climate is so dry here that most of the wines made in Mendoza are organic (there is not enough moisture to habour diseases or pests). However, most of the wineries just don't bother to pay the fee which would allow them to be registered as "organic".

- the city of Mendoza hasn't seen a drop of rain since February

- Canada is the world's biggest importer of Argentinian wine! That being said, we were only able to make it to one winery that imports to Canada (it was Trapiche - sorry Louise and Terry! I'll be on the lookout for the wine you mentioned though!).

Besides drinking copious amounts of fine, cheap wine, we also did an empenada-making class and visited an olive oil factory. Empenadas are ridiculously delicious and easy to make, so expect them at the next event! Also, the recipe we got makes 48 emps, so come hungry! The olive oil and fruit drying factory was a random, but interesting activity, and the sundried tomatoes were amazing. What was even more random was the Hell's Angel who led our tour through the olive groves...

So, with our lips permanently stained a lovely Malbec purple, we leave Mendoza for the city of Cordoba. Time is really starting to fly by now, so we're on the move again.

Thanks again for all the lovely messages from home :)

Xox D&R

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