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Looking down at San Sebastian from the Castle, you can see part...

Another view from the castle looking North.

Esme getting a Henna tatoo (The kind that last for about a...

Esme got a "ditto" tatoo.

Our own private paradise.

Got in this morning and ended up getting a room from one of the Ladies who solicit rooms at the train station. We are staying in an apartment in our own room, there are several other people sharing the apartment along with the lady who owns it. Not bad and the price is right.

We looked around for other places but everything is booked due to the San Sebastian Jazz festival thats going on here now.

Hiked up to the Castle today and got a view of all San Sebastian and its famous cresent beach.

Went to the ´Surfer´ beach with is different than the cresent beach because is has 6 inch waves. (At least today it did, I imagine it picks up at other times).

We were both tired so we headed back to the apartment for a nap, showered up then went out to enjoy the free Jazz concerts and Techno-Jazz-Hip-Trip-Hop-House D.J.´s that are set up at the beaches.

Ran into Pat and Jennifer from Alp d´huez, they were here for a couple days then are going to go on the pilgrims route through northern Spain.

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