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The Bund in Shanghia

Chinese performance using replicated bells

Champagne in our cabin, hey the bubbles go up the middle!

Enjoying our first night in our cabin

We had a restful morning to pack and get ready to take the 1st of our 3 inter-China flights. We are heading to Wuhan today to catch our cruise ship. Before we leave Shanghai we made one more stop at the Bund, which is the city's riverside promenade. This area has a very western feel to it because after the Opium War the British built many of the buildings here. 10 - 15 years ago the other side of the Huangpu River was rice paddies and farms, today it is filled with highrises and condos. Just more evidence of how fast Shanghai has grown in recent years. We made our way back to the Shanghai airport for the 4th time, we are getting to know this airport quite well. We'll see it one more time on our trip home. Once in the airport, we experienced yet another air delay of an hour. It is amazing how well Viking moved us through the airport and onto the plane. We arrived in the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan. Even though we were behind schedule, we were still able to squeeze in a quick visit to the Hubei Provincial Museum, which houses the replicas from the tomb of Marquis Yi who died in 433 BC. In the tomb 64 bronzed bells were discovered along with many other ancient artifacts. Amazing how items like these can survive so many years under the earth. The bells have been replicated and we saw a performance of young Chinese playing them, really wonderful. We then made our way to the boat, it was already dark and later then planned, so we were soon under way after our arrival. Our stateroom is roomy and nice, much bigger than any other cruise stateroom we've had. We enjoyed a delicious meal with folks that we have met, then explored the boat. It's not a very big boat, but aligns well with the surroundings. All the rooms have verandas, so we enjoyed some time on our veranda and watched the Yangzi flow by. It's hard to believe how far away from home we are and how different our two cultures are.

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