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We had a busy agenda today.

After our morning coffee, I took my computer to the computer room to do some work, then made numerous phone calls to get paperwork started on our RMD for this year.

Because of our age the government requires us to withdraw a minimum amount of money from each of our retirement accounts.

It is called the RMD or Required Minimum Distribution.

If we fail to take this money out in a timely manner, the government takes 50% of it as a tax or penalty. Same thing as far as I am concerned.

With that process started, we drove into town for lunch at the China Wok. That was really good, and I knew it would save us money. I’ll explain in a moment.

We needed a replacement light bulb for Marilyn’s lamp that she uses when she reads or works on her cross-stitch project.

Although I was unable to find the exact bulb needed, I did find a decent replacement and brought home a package of them.

Next, we drove over to the Kohl’s store to pay the balance on the credit card.

With that done, we headed to the movie theater to see the new movie called “Tammy”.

It was funny but not as enjoyable as “The Heat”.

Lot’s of gratuitous swearing and use of the “F” word, which I find not to suit our taste.

The money we saved by having a fine lunch of Chinese food was from not buying popcorn and a drink at the movie. From ten to twenty dollars saved!

After the movie we drove to the grocery to find some catfish filets. They had frozen ones but no fresh ones, so we will make do with the frozen fish.

One more stop completed our day and that was to gas up the car.

Back at the RV we heard a knock on the door and it was a couple of folks who knew us, but we had not met them before.

It was Terry & Jo, fellow full-timers and RV-Dreamers, who have been reading our blog for several years.

They came in and we visited for awhile, getting acquainted. They know lots of our friends and they will be staying here at Mountaindale for a year or so.

It was nice to meet these good folks and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

So now we are settled in to watch some of the All-Star Baseball game.

We have more work to do tomorrow. Paperwork and stuff. Sigh….

Life is Good!

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