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We have been asked by friends, to explain what is going on.

We have stayed quiet about our activity, not wanting to risk having things “fall through”.

As we approach the eight year anniversary of living the RV lifestyle we love, I must admit that we have talked about what to do when we “hang up the keys”.

Marilyn and I agree that we are not yet ready to do that, but our morning coffee conversation is often dominated by a discussion of topics like where would we want to live and should we buy or rent a home, condo, or townhouse, etc.

Basically, we have narrowed our search to Colorado and Texas.

Both are states that we love!

Over the past couple of years we have shared serious conversations with friends who have a beautiful home in an area we have considered, to live in.

We have received sound advice from these friends. who even sent us a home listing for a place which met all of our desires. They shared with us that this was a great property and a good deal.

We seriously thought about that home but were not sure we wanted to live there all year round, and not sure we wanted to purchase a home at this time.

We did continue to think about it, and were pleasantly surprised when that same home, suggested by our friends, suddenly appeared on the rental listings.

We spoke to the owner numerous times, and finally decided to negotiate a six month rental, beginning on Nov 1st of this year.

The one bedroom, RV Port model home, is in a wonderful location.

In fact it is in a place that we have been considering for several years, as a place we wanted to try for a winter.

The port model home has a covered parking area with full hook ups for our RV, a large courtyard between the RV and the house, and then a beautiful, fully furnished, home.

Certainly, this rental property is more expensive than renting an RV site, but it will give us a very realistic idea whether or not we want to live in this area. Hopefully, we will be able to make a decision to purchase, rent, or continue to travel with our RV in the future.

We thank our friends who have helped us locate this awesome property, and look forward to spending time as neighbors to them this winter.

So we will spend this coming winter in the Rio Grande Valley, not in Llano Grande Lake and RV Resort in Mercedes, Texas, as we have before, but at Retama Village in Mission, Texas.

Many of our friends will be nearby, actually within walking or biking distance, so there won’t be a lot of change in our social activities.

So, that is our information for today.

We hope you are all having a nice day today.

Life is Good!

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