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This is the end of week 5 in the Dominican Republic - the time is flying by so fast! Some days I am ready to come home, but others I never want to leave.

This week has been pretty much the same as far as work goes, but I did end up getting sick on Tuesday night and had to stay home on Wednesday. It was the weirdest illness I've ever had - I came down with a fever right when I was going to bed (I knew I had a fever because the power was out so we didn't have a fan, but I was shivering under a sheet!) and I also had body aches and an upset stomach. However, I was improving every hour on Wednesday and was almost completely fine by the time I went to bed. It all came and went very quickly, but I still have no idea what I had. Some people suspected that it was Chikungunya, but I'm not totally convinced.

Yesterday we went on another excursion to Jarabacoa, which is a city in the mountainous region of the country. It was a beautiful sight to see, especially since we are not surrounded by mountains in Santo Domingo. First we went to a hotel to eat lunch, and we were also able to swim in the pool, and then we went horseback riding into the mountains. Horseback riding was quite an experience! I had a guide who was only 10 years old and about half my size, and he rode on the back of the horse with me and did all of the steering. I was very nervous at first that a little boy was going to be responsible for all of the actions of this giant animal, but I put my trust in him and he did a great job! I asked him his name and introduced myself right away and told him that he'd better take care of me :) Getting to know him was my favorite part of the whole excursion. We talked in Spanish but he revealed that he knew a few words in English, too. He was absolutely adorable and one amazing tour guide!

This morning I went to the ESL class again and got to help students read English stories and test their comprehension. It was a great time, as usual :)

Now I am on my way to Mass at 6 and will be getting ready to start my 6th week here - I can't believe it!

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