Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

shepherds tents.

stock pens.

pete and Julia ride after lunch.

more irises.

jan preferred to walk.

back at Tingri.

view from camp .

pasta again and beautifully served for us all to share.

camp along way now from the mountains

flat easy riding on a still morning

a fort from 12 Century.

riuned forts in a row. Thesestretched for miles .

a long haul to the top, see the road climbing.

almost at the top.

flags mark the top.

stone scuptures and towering mountains.

taking a break against the cold wind.

not far now to camp.

our last camp.

celebration cake .

June 10 day 12 riding. 50ks to Tingri then 12ks to camp.

Nickie chose to walk with Jan today rather than shake herself to bits over the very rough roads to Tingri. They set off rugged up against the cool wind with hats,scarfs and gloves and probably made 6ks when the truck reached them after having packed up tents and camp. Nickie enjoyed the experience of being able to look around at the scenery and talk with Jan, what an interesting lady. Walking way more relaxing than being on the bike and having to constantly watch the road and pick a route through the potholes, boulders and other hazards. Pete was up front with the faster riders today, his new bike is going well. Nickie rode with the group from Tingri to camp, 12 ks on smooth tarseal and a moderate tailwind. Took a walk about the nearby village. Beautiful sunset light over far way Everest.

June 11- day 13 riding. Tingri over Lalung La pass 4990, to camp 4830m. 77k, 5hr 40min

A clear and calm morning, gentle climbing. Many ruins of old forts, stretched in a long line through the valley to Nepal, a line of defence against the Gurkhas who invaded around 13th century. We loose sight of Everest and climb and climb 15 ks against a headwind over the fairly steep La Lung Pass. Tough going, we can see the road snaking up into the distance, we puff our lungs out to get to a corner, expecting to reach the top, but no...another climb over another ridge is ahead of us. Finally at the top we are awed by the sight of spectacular Shishapangma mountain (in the photo, with stone towers in foreground), don't know how high it is, at least over 8000m ?? the map we use is not v detailed. Cold and windy at the top, we hurriedly put on our wet weather gear and whoop down the hairpins to the camp down at the river. Our last camp for the trip. The cooks congratulate us all and surprise us with a celebration cake.

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