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The day begins with a shower, packing and organizing our luggage, breakfast then a walk into town to hang out with the local people.These people have colorful outfits and the women have beautiful hats - all symbolizing something or another. We stop at Blue Magic Restaurant mainly to use the Wi-Fi - ordered ginger tea, which had fresh cut up pieces of ginger in the infuser with lemon and honey. DELISH. We sat outside, checked email and observed the locals, a perfect morning. Back to the B&B to check-out, heading back to Cusco, the first leg of the trip is now behind us.

Mirta and I took a moto-taxi to the colectivo area to meet the driver to go back to Cusxo.

A moto--tax is actually a motorcycle with a small two seater cabana hooked on the back. I felt like I was in Space Mountain......couldn't really see where we were going as we sailed over the cobblestone road careening wildly around corners, our luggage bouncing around on a dusty little shelf on the back. I was surprised it was still there when we arrived.....half expected to have left a trail of clothes on the road.

a Colectivo is a shared taxi ride about 15 soles or $5 (for a hour taxi ride)

Back in Cusco, we walk to the LAN offices to check-in for our flight tomorrow morning to Arequipa, we hit the ATM and have an early dinner at La Bogota. We split a salad and pizza, made to order in a wood burning oven and I have a Peruvian beer, delish.


1) cost of dinner 70 soles or $25 / by 2. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

2) the people in Peru do not know what a siesta is.

3) we are still dying the try cuy (guinea pig) but cannot actually execute on that one!

4) there was a hotel in the mountains and to enter you either rock climb up or repel - perhaps our next adventure???

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