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I did not sleep at all Sunday night - too anxious about the trek to climb MP. The morning is finally here. Up and out, with our breakfast to go, compliments of Kathy and Henry (owners of the B&B). Since it's so early in the morning we take a mototaxi to the train station. It takes about 90 minutes to arrive at the MP train station. A bus takes you up the mountain that has about 8 switchbacks and a view, of course, that is incredible. If only the camera could capture the true beauty. Finally, we arrive and really there are no words to describe it.

Built in 1450 this Inca citadel sits on a narrow ridge about Rio Urubamba. New theories suggest that it was a royal estate designed by Pachacutec, the Inca ruler whose military conquests transformed the empire In the day MP was thought to have 500 inhabitants. An engineering marvel, it's Inca walls has polished stones fitted perfectly without mortar in between. It took thousands of laborers 50 years to build - today the cost of construction would exceed a billion US dollars.

We have 2 of 200 tickets allowed to trek Wayna Picchu at 10:00 a.m. At first glance, it would appear that Wayna Picchu is a difficult climb and at second glance it still appears that way. My heart is palpating and I'm really nervous I'm not going to make it. A deep breathe and we start our climb. Did it bother me that the guy behind me rolls off the side and tumbles about 6 feet down the hill? I really thought he was a goner. The trail is easy to follow but involves steep sections, a ladder, an overhanging cave where you have to bend over to get by. Part way up Wayna Picchu, a marked path plunges down continuing down the rear of Wayna Picchu to a small Temple of the Moon. From there, another cleared path leads up behind the ruin and steeply up the backside of the mountain.

It took us 3 hours up and down (average time) to finish. The old gal still has it in her!!! To date, this was the most adventurous thing I have ever attempted and I was so happy to succeed. I never thought I would walk again as my thighs were screaming.

I slept the whole way back to Ollantaytambo and was somewhat refreshed for our dinner at El Albergue. I I rewarded myself with a Pisco Sour (a local drink) my first drink in about 10 days. The food was incredible and all fruits and vegetables are grown organically on Inca terraces.

I hit the pillow sleeping - the best sleep ever!


1) although there are 2 faucets in the shower, there is only one faucet at the sink, cold water only.

2) the jungle is on the other side of MP

3) we continue to meet great people and have fun sharing travel stories

4) Wayna Picchu sits 2,720 meters high or 8,924 feet above sea level

5) I cannot retain any more facts

6) I'm in desperate need for a manny and a peddy!

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