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When we entered Rocky Mountain National Park, after breakfast this morning, we noticed the cool, gray, low hanging clouds all snuggled up to the mountain tops.

Marilyn took a few pictures to share with you dear readers.

We drove to the Cub Lake Trailhead, but found the small parking area filled, so we continued to the next small area and then on to a larger parking lot, where we took one of the two available parking spots available.

We then walked back to the trailhead, crossed the wooden bridges, and began our hike. We have hiked to Cub Lake numerous times in the past, and our trek this morning triggered pleasant memories for us.

Before my retirement, we hiked this trail with friends, Steve & Cathy and Ralph & Rosalie. We had so much fun that I even wrote a humorous story about it. I may share that story with you dear readers some day, but I’ll need to shorten it for this journal.

This morning we hiked, paused to rest, took pictures, and enjoyed the wildlife we saw along the way. Marmots, both large and small, scurried about on the rocks, and we noticed six or seven young ducklings sleeping, huddled together, on a rock.

We enjoyed our hike of about three miles before returning to town where we drove to the Stanley Shopping Center for a Strawberry & Peach Smoothie.

We finally drove back to our room at Deer Crest where we rested up, reading and relaxing.

The folks who were our neighbors at Mountaindale moved to Estes Park today and we had made arrangements to meet for dinner.

By mutual agreement we chose “Smokin’ Dave’s BBQ”.

Marilyn & I met John & Kathryn at 5:00 and enjoyed some time together. It was really nice getting to know these good people.

We parted as friends, with hugs and wishes for safe travel. I’m sure we will meet these fine folks again, somewhere down the road.

Oh, I must tell you that the food at Smokin’ Dave’s was quite good and they serve you plenty of it, so caution is urged when you order dinner. The aroma causes your mouth to water as soon as you get out of your car, and it is easy to order more than you can eat at one sitting.

After dinner we fuelled the car at $3.99 per gallon. I’m sure glad we had Marilyn’s car, which was getting over 43 mpg. Can you see me smiling?

Tomorrow morning we will be on the road again, headed back to Mountaindale and the friends waiting there for us.

Now I had better see if I can get some pictures posted for you dear readers.

Life is Good!

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