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Me and the Garfish

One of the dolphins

Going up the river to Les Sables D,Olonne marina

The beach at Sauvette

Lobster salad

The beach at Les Sables D,Olonne

Dolphins but they move so fast!

Yesterday we had a fabulous trip here .

Firtly we saw a small pod of dolphins and they swam around the boat right next to us and secondly I caught our first fish. It wasn't a very pretty one but after 40 days at least we have proved that our new reels do actually work. It was a Garfish which is like an eel and this one was about 2 feet long with a long pointed beak. We didn't fancy boning that so we let him go.

When we arrived at Les Sables we weren't expecting to like it as much as we do. There is a gorgeous beach and some nice restaurants and it has some lovely old buildings.

We had the bikes out as soon as we arrived as the marina is quite a way from town and Geoff had spotted another nice beach about 6 km away so we went there too.

I think we may be slightly fitter than when we left home as it always seems to be cycling uphill and against the wind.

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