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I awoke at the desired time and started the coffee brewing.

The bean grinder awakened Marilyn, as I hoped it would. Hee Hee!

By a few minutes after 5:00 we had finished the coffee, finished the few chores we needed to do, and had the car loaded for our road trip.

It was a quarter after 5:00 when we left the campground. It was just getting light outdoors and the scenery was awesome.

The traffic gained in volume with every mile as we approached Denver.

We went around the south and west parts of Denver and through Golden, as we drove toward the Coal Creek Canyon, which is a tremendously beautiful drive with mountain vista much of the way.

We watched as the temperature climbed to 81 degrees, then fell to 52 degrees before climbing back to the 70’s as we reached the Big Horn Café in Estes Park, where we enjoyed a tasty breakfast before entering Rocky Mountain National Park.

We showed our “Geezer Pass” and then drove to the Alpine Visitor’s Center above the tree line on Trail Ridge Road.

We stopped several times to take pictures of the herds of Elk.

One heard had at least 40 Elk in it and we did manage to get pictures of part of the herd. There were numerous herds of Elk ranging from one huge Bull Elk, all alone, to the large herds already mentioned.

We drove back down the mountain in time to find a parking space in town, where we walked to Lonigan’s Irish Pub, for a late lunch including a cold Guinness to wash the sandwiches down.

We drank a toast to our friends, Mike & Marian, who were there with us on our most recent prior visit.

We checked in at Deer Crest, where we are staying, and relaxed for a short time, before walking around, taking a few more pictures, then sitting at the outside table with some wine, summer sausage, and crackers.

We watched several of the resident marmots play around the fast flowing Fall River, which runs within 50’ of our door.

The sound of the river and the small water fall will lull us to sleep tonight I’ll bet.

I have downloaded lots of pictures and now the problem will be to select some to post here.

Others will have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, by then we’ll have even more pictures to look at and select from.

We’ll handle that issue tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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