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Marilyn busied herself getting the RV all ship shape inside, so it will be nice and clean when we return from our road trip.

I took the computer out to the screened room hoping to get some inspiration from being outdoors admiring God’s wondrous work.

Even with the fan running, it became a little too warm, with 89 degree temps by 12:00 noon.

Marilyn was outdoors with me for awhile but went indoors to take her shower while leaving me to “swelter” all alone.

OK, I’m exaggerating a little here! LOL

Our little road trip will begin tomorrow morning and we’ll be back before you know it.

Returning to places we love, is always a pleasure for us, and Estes Park is one of those places we continue to return to, over and over again.

In this case we have visited Estes Park probably 30 or more times over the years.

I remember that in 1989, we backpacked the Grand Canyon, where the temperature at the bottom reached well over 110 degrees.

Then, we stopped in Estes Park on our way back to our home in Missouri, and hiked in the snow of Rocky Mountain National Park. That was a fun experience!

I only wish I could still hike the trails like we used to do. I never dreamed that some day I might not be able to hike the trails that I loved so much.

Now we mostly look at those special places and remember when we were younger, and the good times we had traipsing through the pines and along the rough, rocky trails. It was all fun, and we enjoy every minute of re-living it for sure.

I can still do quite well with the downhill portions of the trails but the uphill parts require more resting to catch my breath, than actual hiking.

Our friends, Ken & Jean, will be here when we return, and we’ll have some fun with them before they leave again, for an adventure of their own.

Marilyn is taking her camera along on our trip and we should be posting pictures for you dear readers to enjoy.

The puffy, white clouds are building up over the mountains as I sit here writing this blog. That usually foretells rain later in the afternoon or early evening.

The rains normally are short lived and cool things down nicely, making the evenings very comfortable.

One of the deer just ran by my truck. Must have been frightened by something. Hope it wasn’t the bear!

I’ll check back with you nice folks tomorrow evening, to tell you about our day and to share some pictures with you.

Until then please remember that Life is Good!

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