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Tarte au citron meringue yum yum !

Yesterday we had a lovely day cycling along the coast of the island which is only 6 km x3 km. rain was forecast for most of the day but we only got drenched in the last couple of miles. Lots to see and no cars. Everyone is on bikes and it's very undeveloped. We found a cafe at 3 ish and had to suffer a gorgeous French desert with a local Affligem beer for lunch! Lots of lovely cottages with pretty gardens and so many fir trees that it smells of Christmas everywhere.

In the evening we went into a lively bar with a band and a great atmosphere. Lots of young people with just a few of us oldies in the dark corners.

Sorry if some of the photos are upside down it is really difficult to see the photo when it is uploaded and each photo can take several mins to upload so it is an exercise in patience sometimes.

We hope Federer wins the tennis today. Someone please let us know how he gets on xx

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