Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

frost on the tents

less rocks, more corrugations

still a way to go

margaret lines up the bridge

a very dry river


some down hill now...

donkeys ??!!

great riding





Everest ...so close now

Camp near Rongbuk Monastery

Team Whakatane

Team Murphy

Team birdies

@ Rongbuk Monastery



The Team.

evening light on Everest


June 8 Day 10 riding to Rongbuk monastery. 5100m 42ks over terrible track, 4hr 30. Actual time 5 1/2 hrs with stops.

No-one was looking forward to this ride over rough track. All the talk didn’t fill Nickie and Pete with confidence, the top riders worried about bike failure. But it was a pretty good day, hard but not too long. Climb of 300m over 9ks, then 15ks up and downs, then 15 ks up. About 25C mid afternoon. Nickie was powering up a short, very steep hill and suddenly was yanked to a stop…what the ??....her cotton shirt had dangled off the carrier and wrapped around the gears….shirt shredded. She offered it at the next roadside prayer flag shrine. Real annoyance was the convoys of tourist company 4WDs , not slowing down and squeezing past us by mere centimetres, forcing us to ride in the soft shingle. Wore scarf over mouth/nose for the dust. Strong head winds come up around midday , nasty for last 2 hrs of ride. Jaw-dropping scenery, and we’ll always remember our first real view of Everest. 300m ascent over the last 3 ks, just to remind us we near Everest Base camp. Nickie had to walk short steep hills, lungs and legs feel fine, but not enough food, long time since breakfast and we are really getting sick of our daily snickers bar!!. We are not getting enough protein and everyone has a food fantasy, steak, calmari , salmon etc. Great vege curry type meals, always hot potato chips or pasta, lots of carbs, but no meat, a couple of eggs at breakfast, a small square of spam or ½ a frankfurter, or only 1 sardine at lunch. Even semi vegetarian Nickie is eating meat to keep her going. She had packed her 20g protein per serving whey shake…. But just one of those things left behind in Ohope. Back in Lhasa, before the riding, Tennor our wonderful guide, arranged for an Amway rep to come to the hotel. Yes..Amway in Tibet!!. And so Nickie bought some plant protein shake, of soy and barley. Only 8g per hit, better than nothing. Also got some iron tabs, was told they would help with altitude. Must be working! arrived about 2.30pm. Spent afternoon checking bikes , making many photos of Everest , or looking about the Rongbuk monastery. Beautiful evening light over Everest

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