Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

follow the support truck

goodbye shegar

into the hills again

canals and sheep

off to work

easy climbing

some parts not irrigated


first views of the himalayas


turn off to Everest Base Camp at Tingri

Tingri town

poor little pony

chomolungma in the cloud

long rocky road to Everest Base Camp

water hazards


still following our truck

road gets worse....

wicked corrugations

irrigated crops

still a long way to go !

camp at last ( blue toilet tents)

June 7 day 9 ride to camp on road to Rongbok Monastery. 92ks, 6hr:30 ride time

6 ks out of Shegar had to present passports at police checkpoint. Clear still morning , about 10c. Rolling ups and downs, but mostly down. We rode in a wide valley. Hills all about, stony barren looking and all the colours of a spice market, clove, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper. Cell phone stations about every 15ks. Some cropping around the braided streams. About 50 horses far off in a large paddock. We haven’t seen horses used in the fields, only Yak and oxen. Eraina not feeling well, lost concentration and bumped Petes back wheel. Lucky no crash. We were riding tight to save energy. First 64ks on smooth tarseal was a dream to ride. Lunch at 53ks off side of road, very hot 26C. Passed through small village , built to the roadside, concrete footpaths with road barriers from which the kids kept jumping out on to the road , solar power street lights. Brand new shiny prayer wheels. Old fortifications on hillsides. At Tingri left main road and went up a steep concrete ramp to take a view over the off-road trail toward Everest Base Camp. The track was very very rough, have seen smoother river beds!! Tried to pick the best line between boulders, potholes and corrugations. Speed down to 6kpk and every bone jarring. Rode over the relatively smoother hard packed sand at side of track where we could. Constant cold headwind and terrible track for 33ks!! Nightmare. We were running out of energy and patience. Guide was not certain how far ,as the crew had to find a camping spot. Had to cross a few streams. At one very tight bend, beside parked vans, a group of photographers ambushed us. One crouched in a wide stance, blocking the track, both hands on a massive lens. Right in line of where Nickie had to power pedal through a stream. She just had to make a straight line for him or not get through the stream. He took massive sideways leap. Haha, one back on these annoying Chinese tourists…..throughout the day we had to endure many 4 WD vehicles, sidle up beside us, choking us in dust, the passengers leaning out windows with cameras and phones… nickie wasn't smiling for anyone!! If they didn’t want photos they were flying past, peppering us with gravel and dirt and forcing us into the loose rocks. The track then gruntily climbed out of the valley . Getting late and we were getting tired, the truck stopped to check on us, then informed us another 3 ks on this tortuous track uphill into a stiffer wind- that meant at least another half hour and more. Nickie had been blown off her bike mid- afternoon, got left thigh caught between crossbar and handlebar, massive bruise, feeling sore and now she could see bikers ahead walking their bikes. That’s enough, time to get in the truck, she needs to save her knees for another day. Pete rode on with Marg and Dave. They were shattered when they came in 40 mins later. Eraina had put her bike in the truck same time as Nickie and walked 3ks to camp, she too was exhausted. Nickie meanwhile set up Whakatane teams tents. Quite a bit of discussion tonight about the length of the day on this terrible track. Interestingly it is some of the quicker riders with the best bikes who are the most “upset”…..poor them, they only endured 4hrs in the saddle. We took more than 6hrs The usual route mostly on tarseal, 22 switchbacks over Padu Pass 4140m is closed due to road construction. In 3 days we do this road out again!! A windy night but not too cold @ 5080m. Nickie and Pete so glad not to have altitude problems.

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