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Lori having fun

Ed's Chili Rellenos

Marilyn had Ceviche

John & Lori shared a rather large Burrito

John, Lori, Marilyn and Ed

I am so full of food, that I can hardly type this blog tonight.

Let me explain how this happened.

The day began innocently enough. Early this morning, I went outdoors, hung the bird feeders up, set up our lawn furniture, and built a nice campfire. Marilyn & I enjoyed the morning, sipping coffee and staring at the flames of our campfire.

When the fire burned out, we went inside for showers and clean clothing.

We were ready when John & Lori drove up to our place. We jumped into their car and headed off to Old Colorado City.

Lunch was at Jorge’s and the margaritas were super good, the food was plentiful, with each plate filled with huge helpings of cheesy goodness. The Margaritas seemed to make the conversation, which was already easy and comfortable, flow easier and easier as time went along.

The food was plentiful and more than filling. I’m sure we waddled out of the restaurant when we finally left.

The next event was shopping for the ladies, while John and I followed along. They did find a new place which makes super good gourmet cupcakes.

That was just what I needed. More food! It was really good though.

We finally headed home to the comfort of our recliners for awhile.

Then, John & Lori brought a pitcher of really good stuff called BBC.

BBC stands for Bailey’s Irish Cream, Banana Liquor, and Colada, I think. In any case that drink was very tasty and enjoyable.

I felt that my tummy was pretty stretched, even close to the limit, and I feared an explosion at any minute.

No matter what the danger, we all climbed into the car and I drove to Penrose where the Gooseberry Patch was waiting.

John and Marilyn ate from the buffet, I ate a piece of warm Gooseberry Pie with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Lori opted for nothing more than a glass of water, but John took up the slack by ordering a piece of Pie with Ice Cream for dessert.

Back at the RV we relaxed for awhile and I decided to do my duty, by writing a blog for the day. I have pictures to go with the blog but they will be posted tomorrow.

Of course we have plans for tomorrow too, so we may join our friends for breakfast before saying goodbye, as they head back toward Topeka.

More Food!

Life Is Good!!!

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